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It is Time reframe our perceptions about popcorns! India’s First Handmade Popcorn Gourmet Store is Live now at Planet Popcorn, 130, Alpha Bazaar, Ground Floor, Venus Atlantis, Opp. Mc Donalds, Prahladnagar. Phone- 8320555161. Note the address because, we are sure you are certainly on your toes to try all those mouth-watering out!


Though the reality is going to be beyond your expectations, while you are at it, let us give you an idea about what to expect. The popcorns that Planet Popcorns is offering are better versions than the normal ones (butterfly popcorns) that we are used to. They are healthier, crisper and richer in taste! Above all, they are handmade! Although all of them are equally amazing, do not miss trying out the flavours below:


  1. Tandoori Masala- People who like it spicy are simply going to enjoy this!  

  2. Chocopop- With Chocolate evenly spread throughout the popcorns, we bet you will not be able to stop at just one!

  3. Cheddar Cheese- The strong flavour of cheese will remind you of Cheese popcorn that you eat in Cinemas. But, they are nothing like this handmade Popcorns!

  4. Caramel- Let Your Sweet tooth rejoice with the exotic caramel flavours here!

  5. Green Chilli Oregano- That after taste of oregano is simply incomparable to any type of popcorns you may have ever tasted.

  6. Rainbow- Take a trip down the memory lanes when as a kid you used to lick and devour those colourful fryums!

Be it any flavour that you try, you are going to end up with a smile on your face! And, if you wish to try out all of them(what we highly recommend!), you can also grab a cone of mixed flavours be it cheesy, spicy or sweet right at the counter! Moreover, they are all available in pre-packs of three different sizes small, medium and Large! Tip: Large ones make up the perfect gifts to carry along for someone!

Well, we’re not done yet! Planet Popcorn provides free home delivery in all corners across the country, no matter how packs you order! That is right. Free Home Delivery! So, turn on your browsers and order now! You can find the details below:

Address- Planet Popcorn, 130, Alpha Bazaar, Ground Floor, Venus Atlantis, Opp. Mc Donalds, Prahaladnagar | Phone- 8320555161

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