Beans & Leaves- Be there & forget the rest!

We gave you a teaser yesterday (haaaa!) introducing a new bistro which is bound to be frequented by you since, we live in a city where people like to get drunk on food and need something different after an unvarying span. Aren't you saturated of the same ol' cafes? Have a dire thirst for more after being a part of this repititive conversation;

*Lets go here today?

-Naah. We went there the last time.

*Lets go there then?

-Naa yaar, it gets boring now.

*Toh kahan!?

Well, Well, there is nothing to fear! As always, CityShor is here. We get back to you with a new cafe/bistro which satisfies all your needs. Placed in the facade of Hotel Platinum Inn, BEANS & LEAVES is an upcoming front which we admit doesn't catch one's eye at the first go but ek baar jao. We assure you that you will unwind and have a pleasant time in an ambiance which falls nothing short of the word AWESOME.

Reaching the cafe might seem a bit of a pain during peak traffic hours but the moment you get inside; My Oh My it takes you to a different environment altogether where, a soft sound of splashing water which blends beautifully with elegant wood and stone based interiors greet you. The walls have been pasted on with subtle natural colors which are soothing to the eyes, shelves comprising of plants placed in cute rustic kettles along-with an array of abstract cartoons, are hung to add a ting of contrast to the ambiance.

These aren't just blank words thrown out to you but this is what the CityShor team experienced firsthand; after slogging about from place to place for varying reasons when they reached the bistro, it took their mind off things in a jiffy. Being a part of work, this didn't seem anything like it. The ever-so slight hustle bustle going about, the exquisite quality and taste of the food, took their heads away from thinking "yaar, ab iske baare mein naya kya likhenge" which didn't create the slightest of issues because like a snap things could be penned down at the office since it was just.. that.. good.

Take our word for it as to how easily Beans & Leaves justifies the getup and persona of a bistro. Go, take your laptops, find a cozy spot, munch and slurp on their cuisines and experience time go by amidst nature's clone with their one of a kind interiors. Cheers.

Address: Hotel Platinum Inn, near Anjali Cross Roads, opposite Dharnidhar Derasar, Vasna, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-7926642494

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