Beat the heat with Santushti's unique Shakes and ice creams

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The summer heat is already rising with every blink of an eye. Our body always craves for something cold and soothing that will change and make us feel relaxed. If this is the case, Santushti is just the right place for you.

Located opposite Pakwan, off S.G. Highway, this place should be given a priority for to quench that craving for something chilly!

Being Baroda’s top favourite for shakes, Santushti now being in Ahmedabad is just as perfect as the yummy variety they have to offer us! With offering us with over 40 flavours in thick shakes to ice creams this place is just perfect for a casual sitting with friends or even better when you need to quench that summer heat thirst.

Every time you will visit this place you will never have to worry about what should be ordered. Everything you pick it will surprise you with the great quality of never ending sweetness they are offering you.

Thick shakes to ice creams, this place is just perfect for anyone who has a great nick for sweetness. Even if you are not a fan, we are pretty sure Santushti can help you change that thought!

Mango thick shake is no doubt what many places have to offer. But here the shake was just so creamy with the perfect blend of ice cream and just to make the drink more perfect was it topped with freshly cut mango pieces. Don’t go with the name because that might sound ordinary, go with the taste it will surely get you to feel elevated. So here all you mango lover, finally you have a place in which mangoes are never off season!

Red velvet, the new hip and happening sweet dish is all we hear every day from people. From red velvet cupcakes, to cheesecakes there are a number of variations for the same. So here at Santushti why not try the Red velvet thick shake. Thick rich in the taste of red velvet along with crumbs of the cake this shake just stood apart clinging on to our taste buds.

Fan of sticking to the basics and the classic? This place totally values in simplicity of peoples taste! Offering you many peoples favourite Strawberry ice cream, Strawberry thick shake and cookies and cream ice cream, feel lost into the element of utter sweet basics!

Alert for all the Oreo lovers! Santushti is one more place you should totally add for your next visit for a sweet Oreo surprise. Silky Oreo… the name says it all! For all you extra sweet tooth’s walk in here and get lost into the utterly luxurious silky taste of thick chocolate shake with big bits of Oreo crunches.

This summer it is time to get lost in a word of guiltless shakes which will leave you feeling fresh no matter how high the temperature might get.

Address:  Opposite Pakwan, off S.G. Highway     

Contact: 9904444457

Tags: Beat the heat with Santushti's unique Shakes and ice creams

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