Become your own Makeup expert & stylist with FINESSE

Become your own Makeup expert and stylist, as FINESSE presents an "Appearance Management" Workshop; apt for women who strive for perfection. The one day, unique session takes place on 24th July (Sunday), between 12 to 6 pm, at Hotel Suba Star, near Akash Tower, Judges Bungalow Road.
To register call, Aisha Devnani 9979743839 or Swati Goyal 9376021564.

Led by Surabhi Mehta, an image consultant and makeup artist from London; the workshop will focus on the following topics:

1. Basic Makeup and Skin care
2. Guided self Evaluation and Recommendations
-Personal Body Shape and Face Shape Evaluation

 3. Do it Yourself
-Lifestyle Evaluation
-Cluster formation to create multiple outfits from lesser garments
-Learn to use your existing wardrobe effectively.
-Adding accents to your look 
-Adding interest with accessories
-Creative dressing- from casual to formal to trendy
-Wardrobe Management
-Learn Shopping Tips and become a Smart Investor

4. Quick Fixes:
-Learn to mix colors and geometric prints
-How to create the best visual Effect

FINESSE makes sure that you learn the nuances to the core, making it sort-of mandatory for you to head down to this amazing workshop. Cheers.

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