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After a refreshing ‘Mujhse Fraandship Karoge’ one should expect the same director to offer something peppy, feel-good and a bit hatke for couples to enjoy their weekend! Bewakoofiyaan had that potential. If you don’t explore it, you deliver a half-baked flat product.

‘Passionately in love’ couple Mohit (Khurrana) and Mayera (Kapoor) decide to get married right when Mohit gets a promotion in his marketing executive career. Things start unsettling when he loses his job in an air line company suddenly due to economic crisis. Mayera is a financial expert earning bigger bucks than Mohit at an MNC bank, but this does not seem to bother them much since they both are broad-minded. The story becomes somewhat interesting when this couple hide the fact of job-loss from father in law to be (Rishi Kapoor). Though father in law to be is not happy about his daughter’s choice, he sets the Khurrana boy on probation period! What happens next forms rest of the story.

Supposedly treated as ‘realistic’ film talking about love and relationships affected by recession, it offers a very shallow approach to the topic. More than the romance between the leads and the topic itself, it is the warm chemistry between Rishi kapoor and Aayushmann which offers some very interesting moments!

All the performances in the film are very flat. Aayushmann who was in top form in Vicky Donor fails to impress since he carries the same attitude and body language throughout the film. Sonam looks good, that’s it about her. Even the antics by Rishi Kapoor don’t seem to rescue this boring film.

Music, used most stupidly in the film is unnecessary and very average. Not even a single track which is groovy or soulful.

There were many facets to this topic but the writer seems not bothered about it, all he cares is he has been given a task to write this film and he has to deliver within stipulated time. The director also is so engrossed in making the film and the lead pair look beautiful, that she give a miss to a topic that has so much of potential to explore.

The film is not realistic, not romantic, not about recession…..and it is not about many more things. Avoid your weekend from getting boring, avoid Bewakoofiyaan!

1.5 Shor out of 5.

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