Beware- the ghost see's you - Bhangarh- Rajasthan

One of the most spookiest places to visit in India, Bhangarh has been attracting tourists, but not those who are weak at heart. It takes courage to explore Bhangarh.

What’s This:

A notice outside the main gate by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) that reads,

“Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited. Legal action would be taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions”

One of the most haunted cities of India, Bhangarh attracts more visitors than any other similar place. Legends has it that Guru by the name of Balu Nath used to live here alone. A sanyasi who had given up all worldly belongings and went to forest to be away from people and dedicate his life to god. He was against the idea of building a town because that would mean a lot of people around , a great amount of disturbance in his daily prayers and will beat the very purpose of him living there to be away from people. However though, after much persuasion by King Bhagwant Das he agreed on one condition that the shadow of the king’s palace should never touch Balu Nath or his residence or the city will perish. Bhagwant Das agreed to the condition and so began the construction of Bhangarh Fort.

Slowly over the time, Balu Nath’s warning was forgotten and one of the later kings, Ajab Singh, re-built the palace to a new height by adding 3 more floors to the existing 4. This proved fatal as it caused the palace’s shadow to reach the place where Balu Nath lived. Hence what was once a warning turned into a curse and the city doomed. How it happened is something no one can tell. Whether everyone left, or died because of the curse remains a mystery.

Now, there are other stories even. But one thing is for sure, you can’t have a spookier city then Bhangarh.

What to See?

The architecture of the buildings and the fort speaks volumes of the talent and acumen of the people during the rule of Bhagwant Das who established the town in 1573. Against the backdrop of the Royal Palace stands the Aravalli Range. Bisram Nath, who works in the Someswar Temple, said at times wild animals come down from the mountain ranges at night. “A few families like ours stay within the premise. We stay near the Ganesh Temple. The biggest problem is that the area does not have electricity.”

Standing on the terrace of the Royal Palace one can view the vast expanse of the fort. It has four gates – Lahori Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Phulbari Gate and Delhi Gate. It seems life has come to a standstill in this area.

As part of NDTV Good Times’ series – India’s Most haunted, Rocky and Mayur spent some time in Bhangarh, in fact they spent the night at the fort, here’s how it went for them:

How to reach there?

Ahmedabad – Udaipur – Ajmer – Jaipur – Bhangarh

The distance is approx. 757 Kms and the roads are in good shape.  Best to travel in a SUV and always carry a spare tyre as there are stretches where for kilometres there are no petrol pumps or habitations.

Always carry some dry food as good dhabas and eateries are rare. Carry a torch with you as the fort does not have electricity and even in day time, a torch will help you to see parts of the fort better.

Have a Spooky time!!!!

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