Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Movie Review

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Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Movie Review
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, one of the most awaited movies, is nothing but a run-of-the-mill movie or may be slightly better than that. It disappoints, not because it’s that boring a movie, but simply because you expected it to be a LOT better than what it actually is. No, the movie is not ‘BAD’ but is definitely not as great as you thought it could be, given the combo of Rakyesh & Farhan.

The first scene gives you an impression of creation of an epic movie, but struggles 30 minutes later till the end of movie. The movie picks up at places but dies few moments later. The story is far too stretched for reasons you wouldn’t appreciate. There is simply too much of everything – overdose of emotions & slow motions. There are scenes which are exaggerated in the name of ‘building character’ & the liberty taken in the name of creativity, art & direction takes a toll on the charm of Inspiration Story that it originally is – in a scene Farhan drinks two huge tins full of desi-ghee; the romance between Farhan-Sonam fails to hit; the songs, except a couple of them, are thrusted as if just to make it up to The Great Indian Taste like a Hindi song & dance in an Australian bar, a few scenes are too dramatized to be real or close to real for that matter, there are too many flashbacks (flashback within flashbacksala Inception style) and most of them are too skewed or over-treated. (Please ignore the usage of too much of ‘too’J). For what could have been a two hours of great story & movie, has been converted into a more than three hours of ordeal specially towards the end. Looks like the story told by the Legend Flying Sikh to Rakyesh & Farhan has neither been weaved properly nor has it been treated at par.

Having said that, there are things you should still watch the movie for. Farhan must have really trained hard to fit into the role of a great athlete – it shows on screen each time he runs, trains, perspires … in every aspect. You can’t give him minus for his acting skills or the way he has carried his role – simply superb … he is the only one who could have done justice to the role. Period. Who else has acted in the movie?

Overall, we say you would not miss anything if you give this movie a miss.

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