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BhootNath | Movie Review

The movie should had been named “BOOTH NATH” rather than BHOOTNATH

Unlike the first bhootnath, this one instalment of Bhootnath returns, has absolutely lost its spirit. The director Nitesh tiwari seems confused. He started with making a film for audiences across ages and in between somewhere got carried away by the election season and ended up in making a 180 minutes of a social advertisement for “Exercise your voting right”

Bhootnath is a cross between “Munnabhai MBBS, JAI HO and the advertisement on DD national appealing all Indians to exercise their VOTE”

The story starts with a voice over from Amitabh Bhachan. Bhootnath is now in Bhooth world and is embarrassed to be there seeing fellow bhoot’s laughing at him for not being able to live to the expectations of being a bhoot and not being able to scare even a small child (referring to Banku from the earlier bhoothnath). Being ridiculed, he requests the chair person at Bhoot world to let him go to earth once again so that he can manage to scare one little child and regain his lost respect in the bhoot world.

The first half of the movie is superbly amazing. It entertains all. Kids, teens and adults, there’s something for everyone. Akhroot, played by Parth bhalerao has made his presence felt right from the word “Action”. This child has played his part to the hilt and that too opposite the legend.

The interaction between Amitabh and Akhroot and their adventures make up for a good first half. At times, you laugh your guts out and kids in the theatre go jumping on their seats.

But then that’s about it. As soon as the second half starts, life becomes unbearable. Even with the charisma and acting of Amitabh Bachchan the film is not able to hold on to its plot. Its boredom for the second half and till the end of the film, it’s not able to recover from it. Shah rukh, Ranbeer and Abhinav are in guest appeareances and the only high point of the movie. Their 15 second appearance on the screen serves as the much needed break from the boredom. Boman has been wasted and how.

There is nothing to right about this movie because there’s nothing much in the movie itself. All and all its 2 Shors. But if you are a Amitabh fan, nothing should stop you from seeing this movie. If you think your kid will enjoy the movie, beware once its second half, they will pull you by your hair and take you out of the movie hall.

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