Bhungra & Lasanya Batata

Cuisines: Gujarati

Attributes: Street Food

“Tango Charlie, Tango Charlie!”

“Charlie Tango, Charlie Tango!”

“Looks like we have an alien in the city.”


“Well, the location is not that important. What’s more concerning is that this alien has brought a new dish to Ahmedabad. Something that typical Ahmedabadis would not have tasted.”

“Ok. So what’s the big deal?”

“BIG DEAL! This is a threat to all the people who are serving poha, upma, gathiya and other so called nashtas in the mornings. In fact, this dish is so filling that some may choose to have it during lunch as well.”


“Shut up… I am not done yet – let me complete first. It is one of the spiciest dishes one can have – not for those who cannot eat spicy food.”


“Shut Up! I told you I am not done yet. It is dead cheap, cost-wise. Less than 25 bucks is what it costs to fill your tummy and satisfy your taste buds.”

“Enough is enough. I will interrupt, no matter what. Where has this alien come from?”

“Not sure of alien but the dish is a Saurashtrian specialty.”

“And where is this guy located?”

“Well, this guy has put his bunker right opposite 7 Violettes. The lane opposite to Dada Saheb ni Gali. He is available from morning 8 to evening 7. But that’s not certain. If his stock gets consumed, he vanishes just like Mr. India.”

“What do you want me to do? If he is a threat to all local food joints of Ahmedabad, mein usko theekane laga sakta hu.”

“Well, on second thought it’s not needed. The uncle and aunty are very sweet. They will easily adjust with ‘we the foodie Ahmedabadis.’”

“All this while, you have told me everything but the dish name.”

“Oh… it is called Bhungra with Lasanya Bataka. Mind boggling it is. One should not miss this.”

“I am already on my way.”

Line Dead. Tummy Alive. Ciao for now!


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