Bird Accessories by Riddhi Trivedi

Bird View: Hand-crafted with safety & Love. 

Remember the story of the lady who left everything for her love for birds? Yes! Riddhi Trivedi Well, we were not done there. If you haven't gone through the previous article, you have missed something interesting. Check it out:
Riddhi Trivedi is the one who doesn't only love them but tends to them like no one else. We just get the birds at home and play with them but she does it differently. The good news is, she can help you as well! Have you heard of accessories for the birds? Not really! We know that we get toys for dogs but birds? Yes, it’s not only dogs who love playing, birds also love playing and swinging in the cage. As rightly observed by Riddhi, they are happier when they have toys and accessories around them! She says, “It is essential for their physical and mental growth!” Wow, who thinks so much about birds?
Keeping the same idea in mind, Riddhi started making cute beautiful accessories for these birds and it actually helped in their growth. Hats off to this lady one more time! With the name Bird View - Riddhi designs Swings, Hangings, Small Toys, Baskets and much more. She has them in all the sizes. Even the colours used on these toys are not harmful. Yes, for big and small birds, everything is available in an apt size. Well, she has designed the same by keeping their comfort level in mind! Why not see the photos and contact Riddhi for your birds’ accessories?
Contact Riddhi: +91 98795 77914

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