Biryani Festival at PONCHIES

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BAKRE KI RAAN! Now that is a FIRST IN AHMEDABAD, ain't it?
Well, Ponchies​ serves up a masaledaar LEG OF MUTTON GOAT, which once had, will involuntarily roll your eyes and slightly wet your pants!
The eatery has also laid out a BIRYANI FESTIVAL, till 10th October for you to savour, all at Shop 46 & 47 - Ground Floor, G Block, Rudra Square, Bodakdev.

The Festival is all about celebrating the joys of life through good food. PONCHIES brings to you a range of connoisseur Biryanis prepared with world-class Basmati Grains, hand pounded Spices and the freshest & purest of ingredients.

While we haven't been to the festival but, our last culinary journey started with their take on NAZAKTE MAHI (Fish Fingers), that will surely be a kids' favourite with their freshly cut fish fillets, that is marinated in spices, which is then deep fried until crispy. With Tartar Sauce as an accompaniment, you wouldn't realise when did you pop them all off.
More on their sea-food based delicacies is their BUTTER GARLIC PRAWNS! Loved the ones that they serve at Mondegar, Bombay? Then surely you will savour the Tiger Prawns at PONCHIES that is cooked with Herbs, and whole Garam Masala in Coconut Milk.

For the Chicken aficionados, ensure that you skip your previous meal before gorging on their Village style DESI MATKA CHICKEN! Juicy, tender and extremely succulent! Confused what Indian Bread to pair it up with? The must North Indian delicacy, should be wiped with the traditional Rajasthani BAJRE ki ROTI!

Off their widespread list of appetizers, you can try their TANGDI KEBAB, that is marinated in Yogurt, Lemon Juice, and plenty of spices, which is then cooked over Tandoor for a flavourful course!

Ending an 'experience' is always saddening but, passing up on their lovely dessert of 'Delicious dumplings dunked in rose flavoured syrup. Made out of thickened/concentrated milk'.
Still scratching your head as to what it was? Simple, DESI GHEE GULAB JAMUNS!

There are a lot of things working towards making PONCHIES a success.
Firstly, their decor. What makes this eatery extremely interesting is that there is no unnecessary 'huss-fuss-glitter' to it, with their sole focus being simply food!
Secondly, and more importantly, their high standards of service along with good food with strict quality controls, use of fresh produce and presentation skills.

Rightly justifying their tagline - Eat without Guilt, PONCHIES has created a special place where you could satiate your taste buds, without the accompanying overload of worry and guilt.
It is indeed a hub, where food lovers could discover and celebrate gastronomic delights, made with the finest ingredients, blended with glorious tradition and some novelty, and last but not least, a good deal of TLC - Tender Loving Care of the chefs.

Making a trip down to PONCHIES won't lead to any second thoughts for, it is all about the warmth of the hosts, who are not just true foodies but also show genuine care for the customers, often suggesting delights suited to each persons unique taste.
The way the they run the place - the level of technique & dedication is a projection of what PONCHIES essentially is. A place to have food that does not only taste good, but also looks good, smells good and is served well. Cheers.

Address: PONCHIES, Shop 46 & 47 - Ground Floor, G Block, Rudra Square, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-7043193344 | +91-7043153344 | +91-079-40392233

Timings: 11 am to 3:30 pm | 6 pm to 11 pm

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