Black Taxi is just ONE MORE DAY AWAY!

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After waiting for days and days, we could not be more psyched for, Black Taxi's third in association with Avakasa ­ FASHION & WORKS is just ONE MORE DAY AWAY! The event takes place on 5th & 6th August, between 11 am to 7 pm, at Courtyard by Marriott.
Why are we so psyched you ask? Well, you have the following brands exhibiting; who wouldn't be?

PAIO stands for a ‘Pair of Shoes’ in Italian. They began their journey in 2014 customising shoes for select few clients. Realising its potential, they grew and soon realised a vacuum in the footwear industry with respect to ­Variety of Sizes available


­Quality and Comfort
You select the design! You select the material! You decide the heel and the height! All they do is create that perfect pair for your waiting feet!

­AAVIDI by Dimple:
The label is a blend of sustainable and exclusive high street fashion, wherein they aim to merge innovative designs with sustainable techniques of clothing that is chic & contemporary; and most apt for women with a sophisticated yet understated taste.

Every scarf by the label fuses together traditional techniques of sewing and embroidery with urban sensibilities. Crafted with Cashmere and Merino Wool, each scarf has a distinct signature style.
One that blends old with new, tradition with transgression, edgy with classy. Every design tells a story of complementary contrasts and is a whimsical expression of the designer’s world view. Some reflect a bohemian drama while others are influenced by art deco. Some are born out of pop culture influences while others echo an old world charm. It’s this design style that gives each scarf a distinctive look and character of its own.

The one stop destination for stylish men’s accessories including neckties, bow ties, cufflinks,scarfs, belts and a wide range of other products.

The luxe brand showcases clean yet interestingly cut ilhouettes, feminine styles and captivating decorative­details in his collection. If there is one phrase that captures the style of GINIL & DISHA, it's "Vibrant, Stylish & Indian."

N&S GAIA by Sidharth Sinha is committed to using natural fibers to produce sustainable and essential fabrics for our garments and paying tribute to the environment for desirable clienteles. While being in constant touch with their roots they are driven towards western sensibilities and committed to research and development in the areas of Natural Dyeing and Crafts of North East India. This collection is dedicated to the weavers and craftsmen of the state of Meghalaya.

With hoards more lined up that is bound to spruce up your wardrobe with ease, make a window for this exhibition that is wondrous to say the least. Cheers.

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