BlackBuck National Park - Velvadar

Attributes: Wildlife, Around the City

What are you doing this weekend?

Visit Velavadar – The blackbuck national park at Bhavnagar and experience nature in its rarest and purest.

What’s your weekend plan, apart from movies & Eating out? Don’t you feel that it’s enough of those routine weekend plans? I mean how much of those over rated movies and those boring cuisines can you indulge in?

This weekend we want you to explore life, unadulterated.

No, we are not sending you to the ice clad mountains of the north, neither to those back waters in the south. Again, that would be clichéd. What if we tell you that your backyard has something more exciting and adventurous then many other tourist destinations that you have been to earlier?

What more, its just 170 Kms from Ahmedabad. No, please don’t have any thoughts.  The weekend hangover is long gone. So we know what we are writing.

The blackbuck national park at Velavadar, Bhavnagar is one of the most preserved and untouched national parks of the country. Spread in an area of 34.52 sq km, this national park is a paradise for nature and wildlife enthusiast. Not to forget, your kids will love to see this beautiful wild creature’s roam around in their natural habitat.

An excellent option for the weekend let it be with your kids, friends or that special someone. An early morning drive to Velvadar can guarantee you the best sights of the wild.

Whom will you encounter here?   Blackbucks, Wolves, Houbara bustardHyenas and Lesser Floricans, foxesjackalsand Jungle Cats.

If they ain’t enough, feast your eyes on wild pigshares and rodents, typical of the savannah type grasslands and thorn scrubs.

You also see Sandgrouse and larks  in fair numbers. According to Roger Clarke, the British harrier-expert, the harrier roost found at the park is one of the largest in the world.

Velavadar, Blackbuck national sanctuary can be reached via Bhavnagar. There are lots of staying options in and around the sanctuary.

The best time to visit this national park is till March 2014. So this winter, wrap yourself with woolens and feel the warmth of Mother Nature.

Just a word of advice, please do not litter in the jungle. Do your bit in keeping the jungle as clean as you would love to see it. 

How to Reach:

The park 170 km. from Ahmedabad. It is most easily accessible from Bhavnagar city (65km.) 

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