Bloominggraphy - The Alphabet Art

Like any other form of Art, Calligraphy takes one into another world. There are great artists of Calligraphy and then there is Anisha whose artwork is a mix of calligraphy, happy words & a lots of colors! Having learnt calligraphy almost a decade back, she combines it into paintings experimenting with various mediums like water colors, photo colors etc.

A blend of soulful paintings and skillful calligraphy, her firm – Bloominggraphy is a platform providing apt, innovative gifts for anyone for all occasions. Ranging from wedding invitation calligraphy cards, portrait painting, posters, to any and every kind of painting, they offer to make anything fresh and creative under the sun! Being entirely handmade, it aims at connecting the client to the painting instantly, so as to promote art in every horizon. Have something in mind but not sure about it? Contact them and they shall get back to you with a brilliant idea!

Contact Anisha Mandhania
Mobile: 9033068187

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