Blue Spot Cafe Ahmedabad

Cuisines: Continental

Filters: Outdoor seating, Wi-Fi / Internet

Attributes: Lively

As their tagline says, “Place that blue your mind!” Blue is the color of everything at this place.

Once you step into Blue Spot Cafe, you’ll find everything glowing in blue color. Well, the furniture is not blue; it’s the light that makes everything blue. The question is that why blue color? The answer is that they wanted the name of this place to be justified by the ambiance. Hence, the ambiance is in line with the name – Blue Spot Cafe.

So now you know why everything here is blue.  Let’s have some food talk nowJ. Food at this place will also blue your mind. Whatever we tried here was super delicious and awesome. The list starts now!

Before we talk about the food, we just want to tell you about their unique water jugs. Water is served in colorful & semitransparent glass bottles & you will see purple, orange or blue bottle at the tables.We ordered a mocktail called “Oh I c” which is made up of Guava juice, lime juice and lots of ice.

First dish that we tried was Kathi kebab wrap – Stuffed with tandoori paneer tikka and wrapped in soft tortilla with onion capsicum served with mint dip. The stuffing tasted perfect with Mint dip.

Next was Crostini Mista; it looked like five garlic breads with different types of toppings. Those are actually sliced breads with toppings such as olives, cheese, spicy tomato sauce, artichoke and sundried tomatoes with started dip.

Third one was Hollow potato. This dish looked really attractive. There were two small bowls made from potatoes and they were stuffed with kidney beans, corn and cheese sauce. This isn’t it. We still have one more dish for you all.

The last dish we tried was spinach rice with curry. A proper blend of English vegetables in creamy brown sauce served with spinach butter rice and this dish also tastes wonderful.  So when you visit this place, do not miss the dishes that we have mentioned here.

You can also sit outside if you want to enjoy the open air atmosphere with a cup of coffee.

Checkout the best dishes of Blue Spot Cafe Ahmedabad


Blue Spot Cafe
12, Ground floor,
Riddhi Siddhi complex,
Opp. Regional Passport office,
Gulbai tekra, Ahmedabad
Time: 9AM to 11PM

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