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To begin with, let me give Vidya Balan what she deserves : A Standing Ovation for her performances & choice of movies. Except this one.

And now let me give Bobby Jasoos what it deserves : Khoda Pahad Nikla Chuha!

Yes, you have (had) high expectations from Bobby and it only feels bad to break the news that though the movie starts with a zing, makes you wait for the ‘big’ to happen that possibly continues till first half but it starts fading very fast and finally boils down to absolutely nothing. There is nothing wrong with Vidya or any other actors; there is nothing wrong with the backdrop; there is nothing wrong with anything other than the story itself. And unfortunately, for a movie that promises ‘jasoosi’ the story matters the most. In fact, a few places you get confused – not because the movie is so brilliantly-suspense but simply because … I don’t know … let’s just say a simple story doesn’t need to be twisted just because of the word ‘Jasoos’ in the movie’s name. As they say ‘much ado about nothing’.

So, well, Bobby is determined to make a mark in Jasoosi World, much to the annoyance of her father. She does odd jobs of Jasoosi with an aim to ‘solve a big case one day’. And the day comes when Anees Khan (Kiran Kumar), a rich person, comes to her with a very difficult case of solving no mystery but searching for a girl. Bobby starts the ‘chaan bin’ … (and the rest is ‘SPOILER’ for those who would still watch the movie). By the way, there is a point in the movie, where you think there is much more to the movie than what it looks like. You are wrong.

Vidya is superb again. Unbeatable. You cannot think of anybody else other than her in movies like ‘Dirty Picture’ and ‘Kahaani’. Thanks to Vidya again for this movie is watchable, if at all, only due to her, however some other actor could have also pulled off the role. The co-stars Ali, Supriya, Arjan, Kiran add some charm to the movie. Nobody is exceptionally good. As much as the backdrop music (okayish) was important in the movie, the songs were a total waste. Not good. Not required.

Miss the movie if you want to. You wouldn’t really miss anything.

Two Shors. 


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