Book your next event or an exhibition at Philotes & be known

Looking for a place to hold your next flea or exhibition? Having just the perfect amenities for you as well as a place that is sure to help your event be as happening as ever is Philotes! Book your next event here and simply get ready to be amazed!

We know it can be pretty tiring while you are rushing from place to place to find the perfect location for hosting your event. We invest a lot of time and energy in getting our hopes into our event and we wish nothing less than the perfect for the same!

Book your place right here at Philotes and be amazed by the positive response you are to get on your event! Known for their management skills and organised manner of working, leave all your worries with the experienced!

While the weekend is round the corner and you wish to indulge into some fine delicacies, simply visit their café and order from their never ending range of dishes!

Address: Behind White Leaf Hotel, opp Grand Bhagwati, S.G. Highway

Contact: 9925444678

Tags: Book your next event or an exhibition at Philotes & be known

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