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Being a label owner don’t you aim to make your label reach heights like never before? Understanding perfectly how it is important to find the right place to do the same, Ame Jalsa Event is coming up with Premium Lifestlye Exhibition, Grand Rakhi Mela at The Grand Bhagwati from 22 – 23 July, 2017 at 10 AM – 8.30 PM. To book your stall call on 9558881517.

This exhibition known for having a wide range of lifestyle and fashion products, making this place one of the best places for showcasing your label! Also having great management skills, everything here will be just on spot, making it an experience like nowhere else!

Be it apparels which are perfect for all occasions, book your stall here and showcase it with pride right here! Also showcase those latest accessories, or home décor products right here! Having to offer such a wide range of products under the same roof is sure to attract a large number of the fashion craving crowd!

Also keeping a special early bird offer if you book your stall right away, makes it another reason for you to grab your label a stall right here in the Grand Rakhi Mela!

Here with their enthusiastic exhibition which is sure to have the finest and the latest products in fashion and lifestyle products, book your stall right away and avail a special early bird discount and see your label reach greater heights like never before!

Address: The Grand Bhagwati, Grand Ball Room, S.G. Highway

Contact: 9558881517.

Date: 22–23 July, 2017. 

Time: 10 AM–8.30 PM.

Tags: Book your stall and avail an early bird discount@Jalsa Event

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