Brace yourselves for an experience at SHYAM VILLAGE

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Eating out is indeed 'living' for us Amdavadis but, at a point one tends to get bored by heading down to the same prim-proper restaurants. Once in while, one has to go 'desi' and getaway from the city with friends and family to a serene environment, in the form of SHYAM VILLAGE.
Placed at opp Radhe Upvan, near Maruti Godown, Mahemdavad Road, Hathijan, the place can be a bit hard to find so, we would advise that you use Google Maps:

With a typical village tadka infused in its ambiance, the restaurant helps you relax with ease, and with their food so addictive, you might as well be remorseful to have not made your way down to the place.
Love Gujarati food? Then, you have to ask for a portion of MASALA KHICHDI or even their VAGHRELO ROTKO for, the taste is simply sublime! At par is their glorious take on BHARELA RINGAN BAJRI, which is had best with MAKAI NO ROTLO.

While SHYAM VILLAGE has their deliciously staple fair of Gujarati goodies, they also offer a fair share of Punjabi offerings as well. Be it their SHYAM SPECIAL KEBAB or PANEER TIKKA DRY, they are more than adequate to gorge onto. On the chef's advise we also tried out the SHYAM SPECIAL SIZZLER, and it somewhat did live upto our expectations.
More for their 'special' bag, there is also the SHYAM SPECIAL PANEER MASALA, curbing your hunger with ease. There is also the SPECIAL DUM BIRYANI awaiting to weave it's magic onto you.

Never leave a place with a dessert, and SHYAM VILLAGE cooks up a delicious SUKHADI, making for a perfect end to a meal.
With good food, and a great drive calling you over the weekend, brace yourselves for an experience at SHYAM VILLAGE! Cheers.

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