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Why do we need Brain training for children?
These days there are lot of advertisements about sharpening or strengthening brain.  Some are selling Chyawanprash for Tez Dimaag and some are selling nutrition powders while some are selling syrups for memory. Then there are others who claim that their courses improve brain.  Overall, parents are really confused and somewhat mislead as to what to do and what not to do. 

So we decided to check out one of the leading international institute in field of brain training to seek the answers and we landed in “Brain Child Learning” a company originally from Malaysia with a presence in 11 countries including Australia, UK, China,  Indonesia, Thailand etc. Brain Child Learning started its operations in India about 18 months back and recently started 4 centres in Ahmedabad.

We were quiet impressed with the infrastructure as we entered one of their centres. The person in charge explained to us very clearly that the brain and the mind are two different entities; the Brain as the computer hardware and the mind as its software which runs it. Brain Child Learning institute have special programs that develop both of them. Furthermore, brain has several different parts within itself. We were surprised to know that there are more than 70 different regions with in the brain, each participating in various functions and we only knew of left and right brain hemispheres. Brain Child Learning’s Brainy course involves stimulation to almost all brain regions through scientific research-based exercises for complete development of the brain. Our current education system focuses on logic, analysis, language etc. which are left brain dependant functions and thus many functions of right brain are less developed. The Brainy course also focuses on right brain function as well. 

One interesting thing that we discovered was that their students were performing some parapsychological activities such as reading with eyes closed (eyes masked with blindfold), telepathy etc. We were shocked to see this happening but students were enjoying it. The incharge then told us that during the course of evolution humans stopped utilising few regions of the brain and lost their powers. Brain Child Learning trains in specific ways to gain control over those regions of the brain to perform this activities which looked like magic. 

Actually there is lot more to it and hence we recommend to you to make a personal visit at one of their centers “To see it to believe it” and also understand their Brainy course. There are lot of benefits of Brainy course which are lifelong and life changing. In short, they make child’s life happy healthy and prosperous. Just as we always wish every New Year to our near and dear ones.

Our mind is like a garden. As you nourish and shape up the decorative flower and seeds, it becomes beautiful and if you don’t groom it well and let it grow on its own then it turns into a growth of wild shrubs. We must keep nurturing and shaping up mind just as we try and shape our body in gym. After all Good Brain and Mind = Good happy life.

A better brain and mind for children also includes more self-confidence, increased retention of learned materials, faster recall of information, enhanced thinking ability, increased motivation and effort, increased attention to details, improved visualization, better reading and comprehension, better memory, better concentration and much more.

We asked the Brain Child Learning centre in charge whether children should take oral supplements for better brain to which they explained that if we wish to have better muscles then exercise plays a major role, more than the protein supplements. Similarly here Brain exercises have a bigger role to play than the supplements. Their reply seems quite convincing!!

When we are talking about brain then it is also worth noting that the year 2013 was fascinating for western world and mankind when three major ground breaking incidences happened. In early 2013 scientist discovered that we humans can see with our brain without using the eyes and thus making it to the top ten brain discoveries on Forbes list. In another incidence USA’s Obama government announced USD 1.1 billion “BRAIN initiative” project and then soon after 26 countries from Europe also announced Euro 1.2 billion “Human Brain” project; making these two projects to be the most expensive research projects for mankind. These highly funded initiatives directly indicate the recognition of the importance of the brain by developed countries. They have realised that the brain controls everything “within us, around us and our whole life”. If the world’s largest super powers give importance to brain then why shouldn’t we?

Our visit to brain child centre was enlightening. We are tempted to visit once more soon and we strongly recommend to you to visit one of their centres for details and you should enrol your children in their Brainy courses which are suitable for the age group between 7 to 16 years. Brain is a very complex thing and we need an expert to train it. We feel Brain Child Learning is truly “Enriching lives of the children globally”. It is their firm belief that by enhancing inner qualities of your child, it will surely result into enhanced abilities to face the competitive future. Well, why wait?

The good thing is that they are currently appointing few more franchised centres across Ahmedabad. If you wish to play a role in enriching lives of the children in your area and have time and money to invest then you too can enter in education field and earn well while making a better next generation.

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