Break free from the usual this Navratri with FORAM SHAH

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(Hit going, to get the latest updates on 'NINE MUST HAVES': A wonder of exhibition presented by FORAM SHAH, showcasing all the fashion must haves for Navratri, that takes place on 14th September, between 11 am to 8 pm, at Traveler's Home, O&N Stores, Mondeal Square, opp Karnavati Club, next to Crowne Plaza Hotel, Prahladnagar Turning -

How do you define Navratri? A festival of dance? Gala evenings? Fun filled nights? While all that is of course there for, our desi girls it is indeed all about decking up with the finest of wear. And scouting the 'finest of wear' indeed takes time. To make sure that you don't hop around, we ask you to bare witness FORAM SHAH's wondrous collection of gorgeous Chaniya Cholis.

Why 'FORAM SHAH' you ask? Well, it is simple. Having been in this field for 20 years now, you can only expect the very best at the exhibit for, you will come across a riot of colours that, are combined by her expert mind - taking the cake in the entire city. What also makes you stand out in a crowd, is their range of Ghaghras that are a minimum of 8 meters in "gher".
The designs laid out rightly boast of being unique in nature, rich in fabric; wherein you can take your pick - be it Gaji, Georgette, Silk, or even Batik, in the ombre shades that reflect beauty and grace.

What sets FORAM SHAH apart is the fact that her collection doesn't even remotely fall under the term - conventional. the array that is up for grabs is for the ones that love to set themselves apart from a grey scaled crowd for, the designer like always evolves a new aesthetic, that is indigenous as well as modern.

Summing it up in a line, 'Why be a stereotype, when you can be ravishingly beautiful with FORAM SHAH'?

Contact: 9227215710

In fact, you can also make an appointment to drop by her boutique at: 28, Amrapalash Bungalows, behind Gulmohor Mall, Ramdevnagar, Satellite, Ahmedabad.


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