Bring Nature to Your Desktop with this Unusual Plant!

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Nature has its own way of birth, growth and death, and with that kind of power, it is impossible to even think that mankind can alter the natural process. But, nature has gifted humans with something even more powerful, and that is intelligence.

With constantly advancing bioscience and human intellect, third year students of biotechnology from Xavier Research Foundation have come up an entrepreneurial unit wherein they work on plant tissue culture, which is basically a combination of methods and techniques used to maintain and grow plant cells under sterile and controlled conditions.

They sell products under the name of “X-PLANT” with their attractively true tag line “Nature on desktop” Their primary product is a miniature plant which is stored in a tube supported by a gel base, which has all the nutrients which a plant needs for healthy growth.

These plants make an exceptional product, because:

  • It doesn’t require water for growth
  • It doesn’t require air for growth
  • It doesn’t require soil for growth

With that kind of flexibility and ease, you just have to keep it exposed to light and you can see the plant grow right in front of your eyes!

X-Plant makes an ideal and unique gift, because, what is better than gifting someone a little part of nature? Apart from that, X-plant grows for up to 6 months and lives for up to 2 years, which can also represent a growing relationship between two people.

For anyone who is looking for a unique gift, this is definitely a place which should be contacted. X-plant has taken science very creatively and also customizes your plant according to your need; they also decorate these plants based on a theme, be it Christmas or Diwali, they will ensure that these products look as magical as the science behind it.

Other than this, X-plant believes in sharing what they have learnt with the people who are lesser known to the world of science. They conduct workshops and training lessons for students of any age group, to come, and learn about techniques of plant tissue culture, molecular biology, microbiology instrumentation and phytochemical analysis.

So, why are you still sitting in front of your computer when you can grab an X-plant and watch it grow miraculously!


PRICE- 100-400/- per plant

TIMING: On weekdays: 9:00AM-11:00AM, 4:00PM-11:00PM

                 Saturday: 10:30AM-1:00PM

                 Sunday: CLOSED

CONTACT DETAILS: +91-9879547250, +91-9427522653, +91-7405857079

ADDRESS: Xavier Research Foundation, Xavier’s college, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad,- 380009


Author Credit: Shikha Patel

Picture Credit: Xplant




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