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One of the biggest responsibilities after having a kid is to start working towards their adequate growth and development and make your way up finding the right early year programme and preschool for the kid. The early budding years of a child are the most essential, and to help you clear your dilemma, we bring you BRITTON - An innovative chain offering the world’s best early learning and care programmes in India for kids aged 6 months to 10 years. 
To inquire, call: 7043166866 (Shyamal) or 7043066866 (Bodakdev)

In today’s time we need a one stop solution for all the kids, be it education, health, fitness, music and movement and growth impact, hence sending your kid to just a pre-school is not the solution. BRITTON recognizes the values of the early learning stages of your child's life and develops them accordingly. They create stimulating learning opportunities that empowers children to be confident, successful and lifelong learners. Hence their centre start as early as possible for increasing the kindergarten readiness of the kid.

The teachers at BRITTON believe in letting the children explore and discover themselves, for this is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing swift development, learning new skills and achieving social emotional milestones. Britton`s programmes are filled with investigation, exploration & discovery where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills & knowledge.

BRITTON is a coalition of world’s best practices in Early Childhood Education and Care which makes it a world-class chain of early learning centres for children. Britton’s early learning centers has developed a synergy in early education and care and thus, provides a comprehensive and innovative environment for the overall learning and development of a child. Britton has amalgamated the British fundamentals, Scandinavian approach and the educare system making it a success and a sought after model.

Children who spend more time in high-quality child care in their first five years have better reading and math scores across their elementary school years. All this makes quality day care and early learning an important aspect for cognitive, social and mental development of a child. Britton has incorporated the educare model which makes the child care of the kids a relief for all the working mothers. Be it infant care or after-school childcare/daycare they ace it all.
The centre's offerings are as follows:
Early Learners - 6 month onwards
Leisure Centre - Evening programs
Childcare - Half day/ full day/ hourly 

All the Britton centers are technology enabled campuses wherein the same is incorporated within its dynamic programmes and in their parent connect initiatives; In fact, they are designed as per a unique Free Flow Model™ where structured free play and access is allowed to all the children.

So, if you are looking for an international early learning setting, nursery, preschool, quality childcare/daycare facility or evening programmes for mothers, dads and kids, then you should get in touch with them, at your nearest centre, Admissions are open:
-Shyamal (Anandnagar Road, Dhananjay Cross Road) +91-7043166866
-Bodakdev (Courtyard Marriott lane, next to Mocha Cafe) +91-7043066866

You can also follow them on their Social Media Platforms, for the latest updates:

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