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I had no time, there were a few important interesting articles to be covered but man, I could not resist… How could I skip watching movie made by Trigmanshu with actors like Saif & Jimmy in it … but alas!

IT WAS PATHETIC. Aayenge to Garmi Badhayenge … Hell no, the movie is not hot, cool or whatever. It’s stale. Period.

Coming from The Man, each of whose creation went to become a part of India’s best ones … I had just so much expectation that I ignored the first few minutes of movie thinking maybe I’m not concentrating enough. I mean isn’t Trigmanshu the same guy who directed Haasil, Paan Singh Tomar, Saheb Bibi Ganster, etc; aren’t Saif and Jimmy among the best ones in industry? Isn’t Sonakshi one of the best actress… Ok sorry… I was just kidding. She has done in this movie exactly what she does in all her movies – nothing!! Saif & Jimmy struggle to live up to their image but the Director fails to do justice. I left the count of loop holes after watching a particular scene where Saif & Jimmy go out of Jail to kill an enemy – when they go out, both have shoulder length hair; when they do the killing they have short hair and right after the killing they come back to Jail in their shoulder length hair avatar. Hello … the best of the Hair Transplant firms are struggling to do that. We salute Trigmanshu for defying Logics.

Story line? Well, ya, there is some storyline that I am yet to figure out. Meet Saif & Jimmy (Raja & Rudra) who meet at a wedding function, get along and become friends like Jay & Veeru (even more deadlier). They want to lead a good life but the Gangs are hunting for them leaving them no choice except fighting back. And that they do in style. Police, Politics, Corporates and what not … things get better. They become respected Goons & Youth Icon for reasons only Trigmanshu can understand / appreciate. The dialogues are ‘okay’ or maybe they ‘sound’ okay simply because they come across as imposed ones instead of required ones. Many scenes & people, including Sonakshi, are nothing but burden to movie stretching it to a level, making it unbearable for many a times during two & half hours of ordeal. Songs … well ya, they have those frustrating moments too. Having said that, ‘tamanche pe disco’ will surely be remembered. And no, I am not being sarcastic this time.

All said & done, I am not wasting more time in writing more about the movies, and would appreciate if you too don’t waste time – I can assure you’ve better things to do than to watch ‘Bullet Raja’ this weekend.

1.5 Shors!

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