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Your Kids need that Freedom. Gift it to them.

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Parents it’s a must read for you. Your children need you to give them their space!!!

One of the most important aspects of your child’s growth is the sense of freedom and ownership that they develop. Look around and you will understand what we intend to say. The Barbie dolls, Iron-man’s, cars everything that your kid has is owned by them. They want freedom in what they do and what they explore.

The idea of ownership is central to every kid’s personality. So why restrict it to the toys?

“Children want to be independent and do things themselves. We just have to learn how to get out of the way and allow them to learn and strive as they are naturally designed to,” say one of the leading parenting expert.

Bunk Beds and Cribs, a Kids speciality furniture shop in Ahmedabad, presents you with exclusive and customised kid’s furniture. How can a kid’s furniture help your kid have that sense of freedom or ownership?

Here’s the answer.

With a dedicated space for your child and the furniture in it, your child gets a sense of ownership of those things. The kid experiences the sense of freedom while moving around these things. Let it be a writing table or a drawing board, all of it belongs to your kid. Your kid will start enjoying his experience around these things, because these are theirs.

Bunk Beds and cribs, has product ranges from cribs, coats, dipper changing table, theam rooms, kids room interior,  easel,  bunk bed, study table, activity table, chairs, toy n book storage, storage units, kids rockers, small activity table  all exclusive for your prince and princess. With colors and designs unlike any other, these products will for sure be an instant hit with your little ones.

All these products are customised as per individual requirements and needs and they use MDF (exterior grade) and pure teak wood for our furniture

While you parents are occupied in your priorities, your children are happily engrossed in activities in their space accompanied by beautiful products from Bunk Beds and Cribs. So now watch you children do their homework on their own personal study table or arrange their books in their own book self.

What more, now you don’t have to worry about those hurtful edges of your furniture or that colourful wall getting spoilt. Stop bothering from yourself with keeping an eye on your child. Let them enjoy their age and see them explore their world.

Today, it’s their first anniversary and CityShor, wishes Bunk Beds and Cribs all the success and happiness in the times to come.

Thank you, for this wonderful option for our children. Growing up will be more fun and colorful.

Bunk beds and cribs can be contacted on 9825045697 / 9898812121

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