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He is detained from college for 6 months, so he opened a food Joint. Read about the student, the musician and the young boy who now serves you amazing Pan Cakes.

He is just 19, studying jewellery designing from well know institute and has been detained from college for 6 months! What would you do if this had happened to you? Many of you would have done this –sit at home & do nothing, play PS, sleep whole day, meet friends and join back the college after 6 months!

Meet Setu. Instead of the clichéd he thought of something different! He thought of earning in these 6 months of detention. How? No not by designing something from what he has learned but by opening a food joint! And that too something you don’t eat regularly! We’ll come back to that soon but first of all why he thought of a street food joint is in question.

Setu is a guitarist and loves playing guitar all the time! In other countries, you see musicians performing on the roads & more people join them every day. But in India we have not yet adopted that roadside concept and that’s what wants to do! He wants guitarists, drummers and anyone who loves music to join him! Yes, and play gigs on the roads. Yes, so first of all; people, who want to sing out loud, play guitar or any other instruments can join Setu Opp. IIM at Busker’s corner.

Okay, so about Busker’s Corner and its food now! Pancake and crepe lovers, this is for you! Setu makes deliciously mouth-watering Pancakes and crepes! He has only 6-7 items on his menu right now! Being a big fan of pancakes, I had to try something that I have never tried so far. So far maple caramel syrup was my favourite and I had always tried it at home or in city. But Setu offered, Honey & Cinnamon Pancake.

This new try was awesome! Cinnamon lovers, try this pancake without fail. A hint of cinnamon & Honey syrup will take you to different world. Then we had, Nutella Pancake! Of course you can guess the taste. Chocolate paste on pancake with Hershey’s syrup, we loved this too.

Moving on to Crepes, we had mixed fruit Jam Crepe. A thin layer of Crepe filled with Mix fruit jam. Jam lovers, don’t forget to try this!

Setu will keep adding new recipes to his pancakes & Crepes dishes but for now, try something that you’ve never tried of and enjoy some music with Setu.

Address: Opp. IIM, you’ll see his small stall with Busker’s Corner banner. | Time: evening 7 to 11 | Sunday: Morning 7 to 11:30

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Buskerscornerahmedabad?fref=ts 

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