Busker's - This time it's about jamming!

Drummers, Guitarists, Violinists, & Singers playing right on the roads of Ahmedabad – isn’t it exciting? Well, it was much more than exciting. And probably Ahmedabad has hardly experienced this.

Road side, Pancakes, a drink in your hand, happy faces and few people who in their masti are busy jamming and singing for you. Well, it doesn’t get better than this and we surely do not want you to miss it this time.  

At CityShor we don’t tell you anything after the event is over. Well, we were so impressed with the performance that we just couldn’t resist telling it to you. But don’t you worry - its coming up again this Saturday.

World Music Day, the date was 21st June when Ahmedabad had an amazing roadside event. By whom? Do you remember we told you about Setu Goyal – Busker’s corner guy? Yes, the same guy who plays guitar in his free time. This guy has brought a refreshing change in Ahmedabad in terms of Music!

He did something great that day; though photographs don’t do complete justice to the amazing experience we had at Buskers. Started from 7pm onwards, Busker’s Corner was crowded with talented people. Drummers, Guitarists, Violinists, Singers & what not.  Without question, “it was much more than just the music”.  It was about the continuum we all got to be a part of and just as we were invited, we invite you to be a part of it too.

A sheer delight to your eyes and ears… ok, we are not going to talk much about it.

Saturday (5th July) from 7pm onwards. Call Setu Goyal and inform him.

Address: Opp. IIM, you’ll see his small stall with Busker’s Corner banner. | Time: 7 p.m. onwards

Contact: 8141281979

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Buskerscornerahmedabad?fref=ts 


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