Buy Gold from D B Zaveri on this Akhatrij

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There is no perfect day to buy gold. Every day is good to invest in Gold. Yet, there are some days that hold pious importance and are revered to as the days to buy gold ... Akhatrij ( Akshay Tritiya ) is one such day.

This Akhatrij, buy Gold from the most trusted and renowned Gold & Silver Jewellery brands in city- D.B. Zveri Pvt Ltd.

Here are the reasons, why Akhatrij ( Akshay Tritiya ) is considered the day to buy GOLD:

-You do not seek a muhurat to buy anything special or start something new- Akhatrij is a day, that is Auspicious on the whole !

Hues of the Wedding season. On this day, the Sun and the Moon are at their peak radiance. It is a day which is auspicious for weddings as well as forging new partnerships. What better good luck charm, can there be to embark on new beginnings, other than This precious metal ... GOLD !!!

-An Auspicious Day for all to purchase and invest in Gold.

-As per Hindu Scriptures, Akhatrij was the day when Sat-yug began- the golden age amongst all four.

While you are out on the hunt, looking for the best place to buy GOLD, we recommend you to go for none other D.B. Zaveri Pvt Ltd !! 

Address- 201, Shivalik-2, Above ICICI Bank, Nr. IOC Petrol Pump, 132ft. Ring Road, Shivranjani to Shyamal Road, Satellite Road.
Contact- 079 -26928119

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