Buy one get one free at this newest Pizza Joint of the City.

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There’s a nice new Pizza wave in Ahmedabad and foodies are going crazy about it. Reason? RP’s Pizzeria has now opened its gates for the pizza lovers of the city. The newest Pizza joint in the city! 
RP's Pizzeria stands out from the crowd, not only because its new, but there are number of reasons that makes it a must-to-visit place this weekend. 
Firstly, they have this amazing BOGO offer! Exclusive for CityShor followers, RP Pizzeria is dishing out one free pizza for every pizza ordered. Secondly, RP’s pizzeria is not just a run of the mill pizza joint. Absolutely no. At RP’s pizzeria we foodies have an option to choose from the ingredients that we love. So this time, we don’t have to go with someone else’s version of the Pizza, rather we get to pick and choose what we want. A truly personalised pizza experience. 
And did we mention about some other facts of RP’s Pizzera? Well as we said, it’s no run of the mill place. Right from the equipments used to the fact that they prepare fresh dough every day, RP Pizzera is already on its way to creating a niche amongst the Pizza scene of the city! 
Now onto sharing our experience at RP’s Pizzera

Americano ; Focasisa bread with ample and drool worthy stuffing jalapenos, olives and loads and loads of cheese!

Chefs special: A confluence of some of the most freshest and choicest ingredients and the most freshest dough that you can dig into, this one is a must have.

Florentine: A thin crust pizza with loads of Mushrooms, Black olives and pesto sauce! For those who like it light, this one’s for your!

jalapeno, olive, cheese strips: Focassia bread strips with the worlds best ensemble – Jalapeno, Olives and Cheeeese! That’s how bliss tastes like!

Pesto Basilico: Your favourite Pesto in basil flavoured sauce. This is an all new level of happiness!

In all, RP’s pizzeria makes for a unique Pizzeria where you can meet and mingle over a slice or two, which is outstanding and truly a awesome of a pizza experience.

Buy one and get one free for all CityShor followers at RP’s Pizzeria | G1, Yash Aqua. B/W McDonalds. Vijay Cross Roads. Navrangpura Ahmedabad | Contact: 888 000 6222, 888 000 7776

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