Buy one gym membership and get second at 50% off @ PARV'S

P: Persist
U: Until
S: Something
H: Happens

I came across the above on a spontaneous Google search spree and it made me realize that things in life are never easy, but there are some that are absolutely worth it. Topping this list is the overall wellness of your body, mind and soul and ensuring that you are getting the best treatment you rightfully deserve.

Now we all at some point of time in our lives have been at this place where we are stuck and feel lost; be it our professional or personal lives. But that doesn’t mean that we give into accepting this reality because at such a time, a PUSH in the right direction is all that’s required to get out of it. The direction here is PARV'S AR FITNESS, situated in the upcoming neighbourhood of Shahibaug.

Helping you take that extra STEP you’ve been longing to take, this gym upholding these beliefs that we so very cherish to the T. Situated in the upcoming neighbourhood of Shahibaug, this distinctive fitness extravaganza is a haven for all aficionados and non-aficionados alike and an energetic sight to see overall!

 Do not wait for the New Years to begin with your fitness commitments. Believe it when we say that “the tomorrow you are waiting for will never come”. Today is the day you strive to put that extra mile in and head on over there.

PARV'S AR FITNESS is more than just a simple gym. It’s a place where you'll feel like home the most and will be motivated to work on you the best. Whether your goals here are to fit into your old favourite jeans or build muscles to boost your confidence, PARV'S AR FITNESS will help you in every step of the way to get there. With certified trainers who take a great interest in helping you reach your goals and resolutions, you need not worry about ever feeling alone and in a rat race anymore.

Featuring some of the best crossfits, Boot camps every weekend, live DJ, Steam, Boxing, Aerobics, Floor Workout, Zumba, TRX Workout, Functional Training, Personal Training, Juice Bar, Dietician , and even Free Wi-Fi (to upload those post gym pictures), PARV'S AR FITNESS has it all.

Walk into 2017 realizing you’ve already begun on the right note and proceed on your way of being a Fitness Freak. Don’t miss out on one single day.

Address: B/244, Advance Business Park, Opp. Swaminarayan Temple, Police Commissioner Office Road, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad.



Tags: Buy one gym membership and get second at 50% off @ PARV'S

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