Buy real gold jewellery on Akhatrij at D B Zaveri

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At the peak of the wedding season, the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya (Akhatrij), is on the cards. As per Hindu Scriptures, Akhatrij was the day when Sat-yug began- the golden age amongst all four.

Embark on new beginnings, with Jewellery that is considered as a symbol of good omens.

We recommend you to go for D B Zaveri Pvt Ltd, to get your hands on to pristine collection of new, real Gold Jewellery, designed to leave your awestruck.

Shivalik-2, Above ICICI Bank, Shivranjani to Shyamal Road, Satellite | 079 -26928119

This is the best time to buy real Gold / Silver Jewellery. Or, if you've been looking to invest in Gold, DO IT NOW on this 7th May!

While you are at it, why not buy it from the best place in Ahmedabad?

Not limited to bridal collection, DB Zaveri Pvt. Ltd. has everything for you whatsoever be the occasion. A family function, a party to attend or that evening with that special someone, DB Zaveri has an ensemble of the trendiest and the finest of jewellery options for you.

Address: 201, Shivalik-2, Above ICICI Bank, Shivranjani to Shyamal Road, Satellite
Call: 079 -26928119

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