Cafe Flambe Restaurant Ahmedabad

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, Punjabi

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

Attributes: Restaurants, Family

Cafe Flambe : Cooking is an art – and they know it just so good.
There are two things that Cafe Flambe is great at : Great Food & Great looking Food. Well, no matter how good a restaurant’s ambiance is, what finally matters is the food there and that’s one thing Cafe Flambe is doing great in. The menu and hence the entire taste of Cafe Flambe belongs to Chef Pranav, who undoubtedly is one of the best Chefs in India. The menu ensures you don’t get confused with too many options. Try the place yourself (BTW, don’t miss on 3 Dip Platter starter – just amazing!)

Checkout the best dishes of Cafe Flambe Restaurant Ahmedabad

Address :
Cafe Flambe,
Garden Corporates,
Opp Merriment party plot,
Nr- Auda garden,
Sindhu Bhavan Rd.
Contact : 09726076076

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