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My first steps inside this amazing place and I could hear birds chirping, could feel a cool breeze and trees waving to me as if they all were eager to see me, welcoming me. My entire experience at T3 was beyond my expectations. For the ease of all (and my own) I write about T3 under three segments. Food, The Cafe and the Overall experience. Should you agree, like and if not, comment.  

Food Experience |

While I enjoyed a sip of cranberry lemonade, with every sip of the cooler, it peeled off any sign of exhaustion or boredom caused by the advent of the summer or the chaos of the city life.

I let the taste settle in and take its effect while I was preparing myself for an adventurous experience of some amazing taste and fusion cuisine.

Next on the menu was garden skillet.  I scooped my way through the thick brown curry while ensuring that I pick on the assortment of mushrooms, carrot, fresh beans, broccoli and cottage cheese. While my one hand was busy allowing me to taste this superlicious dish, I gently lifted a slice of freshly baked garlic bread that was served along, with my other hand. Now comes the best part. The moment had arrived. While still cherishing and patiently chewing on the morsel of garden skillet, I had a generous bite of the garlic bread.

What happened next took me on a ride of amazing and colourful flavours. I experienced each of the distinct flavours and was on a food-high. The only low part was that it was limited and I was left wanting for more.

A word of caution tough – Just in case you visiting T3 in a group and you order Garden Skillet, and someone’s a slow eater, mind it, it will be the end of friendship and all that was good between you and that person.

Beyond this amazing experience, I tired some of their signature dishes. Worth a mention here is their hot selling item, Spanish Potatoes. I can swear by them. Delicious to the core. Fruit punch and jalapeño cheese poppers are also worth a try.  But why read when you can see. So click on the album for such amazing dishes.

The Cafe |

T3, cafe is probably the only place where in you enjoy every moment of the time spent there. Unlike other cafe’s there no rush here. There’s no loud music, no loud interiors, nothing loud. It’s just you and your moments.

Nestled between a lush green lawn and lots and lots of greenery T3, is that one place that makes you feel one with yourself. It has been long that I heard birds chirping or that sound of that cool breeze as it touches you. I call it a spa for the soul. While you feel rejuvenated by the ambience, you relish on some of the amazing delicacies that add onto that wonderful feeling. That happy feeling, that rejuvenated feeling.

Overall Verdict |

If you a foodie foodie, its a must visit. Try their signature dishes like Garden skillet with garlic bread, Spanish Tomatoes, Cranberry lemonade and many others. If confused, consult the chef and he would be delighted to guide you.

If you bored of the routine restaurants, T3 is the place for you. Time pauses here. There’s no hurry. There’s no rush. Enjoy every moment. Conversations here are more meaningful since you enjoy them. Ample of space for those with kids. While your kids go on a safer expedition of the lush green garden, you are left to enjoy the moments with your loved ones. We recommend T3, specially those summer evenings wherein its better to be one under the sky enjoying the breeze then sitting alongside scores of people in a so called AC restaurant.

Address: Cafe T3 behind karnavati Club S.G.Highway Ahmedabad. | Time: 5pm to 11pm | Contact :- +91 9909976484

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