Cafe Where We Meet (WWM) | Life is beautiful- life is meaningful - life is Where We Meet

Café ‘Where We Meet’ (WWM) | Life is beautiful, life is meaningful, life is Where We Meet

Café WWM | Opposite Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Drive-In road, Ahmedabad | Phone – 079 – 40052233

The Chaos of the city and the hectic life that has been forced upon us, leaves us with absolutely no time either to spend it with our loved ones, or for that matter for us.

As it’s with many of you, we too suffer from the same syndrome. Life’s pretty much mundane or to an extent it has become predictable. From the very moment that we wake up till the time we hit the bed, it’s pretty much boring. What surprises us is the very fact that each one of us wants to break free from this monochromatic life but none of us know how. Not to doubt our intentions here but then even if the intentions are in place, there aren’t many options to transform the very state of being into something more meaningful.

So this time, we thought of letting you in on one of the most amazing options, that will let you enjoy those moments spent here, the moments that will leave you wanting for more. Life here pauses. It breaths and transforms into something more meaningful.

Café Where We Meet, is probably the only one such place. Visit WWM and you are for sure to experience new wave of energy. Visit WWM with your loved one. From the very moment that you park here, you are cut off from the world outside. Initiate a discussion or share something special. You become the world. Order from their scrumptious menu, this only adds on to the dimensions that you will explore here.

For those who care for some soul searching, this one place can gift you with some insights. No loud tables or chaotic theme. Order yourself a coffee and let the café take over you. Trust you me, the magic works instantly. You enter into a discussion with yourself and what more, you don’t think at WWM, you explore.

WWM is an open to air café. The kitchen has everything that you need to satisfy your taste buds. From amazing coffee options to some of their speciality offerings, at WWM, it’s a wholesome experience.

How’s the food? Well here’s what we recommend: (In no specific order of Burrps, wink wink)

Canoli (highly recommended), Marble cake (to die for), Focaccia bread with yogurt salad, Nachos Supreme, Hot Chocolate, WWM Pizza and my personal favorite, Pretzel with Basil Dip

One of the walls at the café is adorned by clay masks, each one of which is handpicked by the owner. Wait till its evening and the lights take the effect. Don’t be surprised if each mask whispers a story to you.

We certainly can go and speak volumes about WWM, but to be honest, we still intoxicated by the wholesome experience we had.

Life’s beautiful. At times, we just have to experience the moments. At WWM, you don’t spend time here, you invest.

Here’s to a happy life, Cheers

Café WWM | Opposite Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Drive-In road, Ahmedabad | Phone – 079 – 40052233

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