Calico Museum, explore the historical roots of India!

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Are you a lover of the history? Want to know more about the history of textiles of India! We present to you then just the perfect place! The Calico Museum of Textiles is the perfect place for you then.

The outstanding collection of Indian fabrics exemplifies handicraft textiles spanning five centuries, making this perhaps one of the few museums to offer such a large showcase of textiles! Being around 31 years old, this museum has no doubt made its mark in being the foremost textile museum in the world and an important institution. 

Offering a guided tour of a small batch of just 20 visitors at a time, this museum is sure to blow your mind away! Time to embrace the history of our country with information we might be unaware of!

Having information from various centuries, this place showcases almost everything! From displaying textiles influenced by the Mughal period, the textile trading, the famous regional embroideries, to the techniques which were used for weaving and dyeing, the Calico Museum has it all!

Not only is it a perfect place for those history lovers, but also a perfect place for students who are curious and are looking out for information related to their work! This place does allow research work information gathering for all those students who need it! On prior approval everything can be taken care of.

Textiles not the only thing that will be captivating for you here! Images of abodes and deities, Vallabha Sampradaya ritual arts, Indian Paintings in the  Sarabhai Foundation, Sacred Bronzes from South India in the Sarabhai Foundation, Jaina – Textiles, Manuscripts, Sculptures, Ceremonial Objects and Woodworks.

So what are you all history hungry students and people waiting for! Time to gain impeccable knowledge about the history of our country over the centuries! 
Address: The Retreat, Opp. Underbridge, Shahibag
Contact: 079-22868172, 079-22865995
Timing: 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Tags: Calico Museum, explore the historical roots of India!

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