Candle Light Dinner under the Stars at Starottél!

Can you imagine this-

A candle light dinner,

On a poolside rooftop,

With Romantic unplugged live music,

The panoramic view of the Riverfront in view!

Read on to know more!


The most happening Valentine’s Party with candle light dinner on poolside and that too, on a rooftop! Wait, how about some romantic unplugged music and some dance? This is not a Joke! Starottél is the destination!


All the places in the city and all the couples of Ahmedabad, have geared up and are awaiting the Valentine Day’s arrival! If you are looking a place for the perfect Valentine’s Day, we recommend you to go for VALENDINE! Limited slots available. Hurry up, for bookings, call -96012 88631


Sky Lounge & banquet, Starottél, 15, Ashram Road, Usmanpura.


Dine under the Stars with a candle light dinner and romantic unplugged music by the artists from Right Brains!


The fun does not end here. Rather it begins!


They have also planned for some exciting couple vouchers & many other exciting prizes to give away! There is also a separate photobooth for all you who like collecting memories!


So, if you have not got the Valentine’s day plans right yet, this is the place to go for! Only a limited amount of entries are there! So, hurry up, book yours at the earliest!


Call- 96012 88631

Address- Sky Lounge & banquet, Starottél, 15, Ashram Road, Usmanpura

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