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(Call CarMate - Phone: +91 99 0909 7722)

They say “Quality speaks”, in this case it Scream’s!! A range of car care services at your door-step for your much loved car.

Thanks to the innovative concept of Shaan Varma and the team behind CarMate, Ahmedabad has clean and beautiful car’s running on its streets. The Sultans of Spa are back!!

CarMate – your partner in exclusive spa like treatment for your car. Small, Mid-Sized or premium, whatsoever is your car category, Car Mate will pamper your car and give it the much needed treatment. Vacuuming, Interior wash, Car Detailing and over all car service, CarMate provides you with exquisite service.

Beyond the beautification, is the service part of the experience.

Genuine oil, genuine spare parts, qualified technicians. Combine it all and it grants satisfaction to you. Needless to worry since the service goes on right in front of you. So give away your anxiety

What’s more, you don’t have to drive your car to them. Neither does your car go for a trip from one service station to another, saving on your hard earned fuel.

Instead give them a call and book your service. Be it your home or your office, Car Mate provides you door-step service. It’s a treat to watch your car getting pampered in front of you and this is what we call 100% transparency!! Saving on your time and not to forget, easy on your Wallet.

CarMate offers exclusive AMC packages for its customers. This includes Service & Spa. So now we don’t have to worry on keeping a track about our car service, enroll with CarMate and forget the hassles.

The rates are at par but what attracts us is the fact that they do not charge anything extra for the service.

“How someone keeps their car, speaks a lot about them”. So folks, don’t let people get a wrong impression about you.

Give your car the much needed care!!! CarMate is just a call away.

For more info …

Carmate, New York Plaza II

Opp. Chief Justice Bunglow



Mail: Info@Carmate.Co.In
Phone: +91 99 0909 7722

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