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The three day festival starts from today at 4 pm at YMCA Club. Wear the best spring clothes you have and don't forget to visit STALL NO: 14. KITSCH BY NIK! Yes, we've been telling you since two days about this unique accessories brand. 

Don't forget to buy the most unique handmade Feet, Hair and Hand accessories & flaunt in style this summer. Just look at the photographs and see how this helps make your feet look the best. As Nirjari says, she has heard many asking how to wear this feet accessories and where to wear this. So today are the points to tell you why these accessories should be bought and to wear where!

1) Bare feet: When you have some function at home. Best for Mehandi function (Dance till you drop but the accessory won’t break!). Footwear is not allowed in temples but you can of course wear these accessories.  

2) With flip flop or ballets or with the ones like in photos. Keep it simple because these feet accessories will speak for your feet! 

3) They are just not to wear on the beach or at some party. People say, we will buy on our trip to Goa but no it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. So break the rules.

It’s time that you bring the change in footwear fashion and let the world show what new is available.

Venue: Stall No. 14, YMCA Club

Dates: 15-16-17 May

Timings: 4 pm to Midnight

Contact: +91-9601457543

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