Catch KITSCH by NIK Tomorrow at Amdavad Flea

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Nirjari Shah - A designer of great skill in the manual arts presents an exclusive range of Accessories for your Feet, Hair, Neck as well as Waist, at a lovely exhibit, at AMDAVAD FLEA (Stall no B2), on 27th & 28th November, between  to 11 pm, at River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge.

Dont just ogle over the pictures; We want you to go through the article for, we really appreciate each and every piece that is hand-made, and is beautiful to say the least.

With a thorough research that goes through in her products, her tours through the country, and experimenting with small knicks-knacks, you get to witness - Masterpieces!
Essentially you are not simply purchasing a product from KITSCH BY NIK, in fact it is a part of her dreams, her hard work and more than that, her passion to make you look really beautiful and unique.

Having been featured on hoards of local platforms, along-with BBC UK and exhibiting in Bombay, Goa, Pune and even the USA, she once again back with new designs, and don't forget, her new dreams.

Getting operational as to what all she sells:
Her highest selling Signature Collection, and again the most unique of the entire lot. Look it up over the internet and we assure you that you would not come across such set pieces, so much so that you wouldn't even be aware that something like this could ever exist for your feet.

The brand has introduced an exclusive fusion of 'age-old coins' and 'modern fresh looking tassels' in the form of earrings, that can be adorned over just about any garment.

The freshest of the lot is KITSCH BY NIK's range of Neck-pieces that rightly boasts of designs having 'Buddha' as it's motif! This kind of materialism could be said to be a form of skillful means, as the item can remind us to practice more spiritual qualities like compassion and tolerance in our daily life.

With 1 day to go, it is time to show the world the latest in Accessories, that can carried in elan! Cheers.

Dates: 27-28 November
Timings: 4 to 11 pm
Venue: River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9601457543

Tags: Catch KITSCH by NIK Tomorrow at Amdavad Flea

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