Cater your buds to a lovely meal at ZUCCHINI

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Strutting in all flair and elan, ZUCCHINI has come to Ahmedabad since over a month now, to satiate our "Italian" buds, while also nailing their fair share of Indian delicacies, all at Shivalik 3, besides Barbecue Nation, Drive in Road.
Step in and you are bound to be surprised by the utilization of the space for, the restaurant's clarity is in its rather muted décor allowing the colours from the food to take the center stage.

All your fascination for their subtle interiors will go for a toss when you bite into the thin crust of a BARBEQUE CHICKEN PIZZA topped with barbecued chicken, onions and cheese. You can easily wipe it all off but, brace yourself for a lovely portion of CHICKEN TETRAZZINI, wherein chicken is prepared in a cream sauce with mushrooms and served over pasta; topped with cheese, bringing out a sublime flavour!
ZUCCHINI also serves an ever-so-lovely portion of FISH TIKKAS as an appetizer, that rightly boasts of fish fillets marinated with spices and yogurt, grilled to tingle your tastebuds.

With the summers onto us, the restaurant has also introduced a special menu to give you a thorough respite; Off which, be it the NUTELLA & BANANA SMOOTHIE or even the KIWI GRANITA, you just can't have just one.

Just when we were done savoring it, our attention was diverted by the smell of one more offering, which is a delicious darling from their Indian Kitchen in the form of FISH MOELI! With a bowlful of tender fish served in a creamy coconut milk curry,flavored with mustard seeds and curry leaves, up for grabs; You simply can't miss out on the same.
Vegetarians, need not panic for, their DUM BIRYANI, prepared by a traditional dum method to cook the rice with Indian spices, and aromatic flavouring agents, should easily satiate your hunger.

For dessert, you should straight away go for their sinful WALNUT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE, with Vanilla Ice Cream for, it is orgasmic in every manner. Rich and smooth!
All in all, ZUCCHINI lives upto their image yet again for, it wins hearts via our taste buds with ease and establishes itself as a worthy landmark, that asks for your immediate indulgence. Cheers.

Tags: Cater your buds to a lovely meal at ZUCCHINI, Zucchini

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