Catering by Toritos and Incasa!

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Let’s accept the fact that we all visit functions and events mainly for the food, and that’s where catering comes in.

Incasa, of the fame “Incasa, dining and delusions” who also have Toritos under their wing, have ventured into the catering business as well.
Be it a marriage reception or a marriage anniversary event, food is an essential part of any organised function. We all want our guests to praise how good the food was and what’s better than getting the service from a well-known restaurant of the city.

Incasa and Toritos have already made their mark among the top notch restaurants of Ahmedabad and hence you don’t have to worry either about the quality or the taste of the food. They serve an array of mouth-watering cuisines from Punjabi to Continental, Oriental to Gujarati to cater your taste buds.

May it be your next Saalgira or your vows a year prior to the 1st one. Make sure you contact +91-079-26400730/31 or +91-079-26309990 to ensure sublime quality and services. Cheers.

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