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While BOW TIES, may have been forgotten for years, present day it offers a feeling that is both nostalgic and new; The former cause you can see your grand dad adorning one in an ol' B/W photo, and the latter cause it has again propped up on a young hipster's collar; Well, whatever the reason may be, you have to admit that they are pretty cool, and to get your hands on them cool Ties, we bring you CATS & BOWS, and it's wondrous for you to deck up in!
To inquire, call: 8866350962

Initiated by 21 year old Roshni, CATS & BOWS is a happy accessories brand, providing you with authentic, beautiful and simply unique - Handmade Accessories, wherein each piece radiates it's own elegance and grace!
In fact, the young entrepreneur ensures that she comes up with a fresh range of styles, in quirky colours and fabrics, at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket. So, now you won't have a tie that might see the light of the sun once a year, rather you will have an entire range, that can be adorned throughout the week.

From your classic ones to the ones with a hint on quirkiness to them, from a chanting mantra print to your Christmas jingles, from your Bat bows to the personalised ones, to even love brooch pins; CATS & BOWS showcases it all!

Well, what can we say?
A bow tie is indeed the perfect way to sharpen up any outfit with effortless style; and now you know where to get your hands on them! Cheers.

Contact: +91-8866350962

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