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The team at SHAMIYANA RESTAURANT is out for blood. Well not really but, they've created a special Halloween dining experience which is spooky to say the least till the 4th of November, besides Venus Party Plot, Koba Circle, Gandhinagar.

Being one of the only restaurants as far as we know which has gotten into the spirit of Halloween or the Halloween spirit has gotten into them to be apt, they sure have nailed the same. Their entire lane has been 'decorated' with graveyards, pumpkins and the devil incarnated sits above and looms over you. The moment you step inside the restaurant, the ceiling is covered in tattered drapes with bats 'flying' about while you dine under Candle-lights.

They have also prepared a separate menu altogether featuring food from the beyond. Harr Harr Harr!! Their mocktail ROMEO'S BLEEDING, bears an eerie resemblance to the favourite drink of vampires everywhere. The recipe is a mixture of grape juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale and a splash of lemon juice shaken together to form an interesting drink altogether. Along-with that they also have SATAN'S SEDUCTION which is Coke infused with ginger ale with a dash of lemon juice and BE MY ZOMBIE which is Orange Juice topped with grenadine and a dash of lemon juice.

Other than their spooky ambiance their food is bound to give you the chills as well. WITCHCRAFT | SACRIFICE SOUP | SLAUGHTERED MINION FINGERS WITH BLOODY PUS | ZOMBIE TOENAILS WITH PUKED SALSA & YELLOW OOZE | WEBBED CRISPY COTTAGE WITH ROAD KILL PUREE | LOATHSOME LASAGNA. Well, we wouldn't go into any detail as such as to what is what. What is the fun in that!

Head down to Shamiyana and get a never-seen-before Halloween Experience in Ahmedabad. Cheers.

Address: Shamiyana Restaurant, Besides Venus Party Plot, Koba Circle, Gandhinagar.

Contact: +91-9879000164 | +91-9879000759

Website: www.shamiyanarestaurant.com

You can also follow them online, for the latest updates:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shamiyanarestaurant
Twitter: www.twitter.com/shamiyanarestro
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shamiyanarestaurant

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