Celebrate Rakshabandhan with Handmade Rakhis

If you are looking for the most unique, handmade & beautiful rakhis then search for them ends here, at Kitsch by Nik. A seven year old label that specialises in making handmade jewelry & accessories - @kitschbynik 

The brand has been making rakhis since last 5 years and here they are again with their carefully handmade rakhis this year. The rakhis made by this brand are traditional & artsy made by skilled artisans. If you ask about the quality, these rakhis are crafted with utmost finesse & the detailing on each rakhi is to be appreciated. The brand's speciality is that they use left over fabrics to create each and every product.

Hence, we have many reasons to purchase rakhis & jewelry from this brand. 

You can purchase them offline from Cocoa Drama Cafe near Vatrsapur or message them on their instagram : @kitschbynik 

Full address: Store No 6, Lower Level, Sunrise Park, Vastrapur Lake Road, Opposite Advait Complex, Near Sandesh Press road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Contact: 9601457543 

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