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Artificial Intelligence – a subject that has enticed Hollywood forever. And why not when they have visionary think tanks like Spielberg & Cameron and all the access to best of VFX to make it happen. To challenge a bar so high; comes from the house of director Neill Blomkamp, robo sci-fi CHAPPIE. But does it manage to crack into the circuit?

Well… not really! The adrenaline pumping action sequences and occasionally light humored moments are somewhat not aligned to fit in. The story, obviously, has a futuristic setting where the poor strugglers have hatred for those who are rich and privileged clan of Johannesburg. This clan is strongly guarded by the policemen along with a robotic ‘scouts’. It all starts when droid creator Deon (Dev Patel) ‘devises’ and ‘computes’ consciousness and is eager to induce emotions into the mechanics of a robot. (something tells us same ol! same ol!). Kidnapped and caught amongst gangsters, he manages to get his hands on a rejected piece and bring to life Chappie – a robot smarter than humans.

Sounds predictable? Yeah… So what’s different you ask? You get to see humans ‘babying’ a robot. We have seen human emotions being explored in electronic circuits… Wall E being the most distinctive example. While the later uses lighthearted animation with just a few words here and there… the former fails to deliver even with the robo speaking with an irritating (fake) baby accent and reading kiddie storybooks. Still looking for different? Check out how to waste a Hugh Jackman!

The linear editing makes the story line pretty drab. The characters play their part and disappear from the scene for good 10 minutes with no reference what so ever. Even the climax fails to trigger.

The scripted is dotted with occasional hilarious moments where a childlike robot learns to be a badass gangster! Watch it purely for Dev Patel’s performance and some good action sequences (reminiscent of Transformers).

All in all 2.5 shors…

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