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You must have heard the lines in Marilyn Monroe’s song, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But here is a girl whose best friend is COAL! Heard of Charcoal paintings? People use pencils, water colors, etc for painting and she uses coals to make a beautiful piece of art. Yes, you heard it correct, Coals!

Shweta Agarwal, a brilliant artist who turned her childhood passion into profession with a practice of more than 10 years. She creates replicas of digital photographs with coal. These jaw dropping black-white images are drawn just with a chunk of charcoal and eraser (sometimes pastel colors to fill colors). Details & the efforts that she puts are clearly visible through these paintings and you would always get confused whether they are paintings or live people.

As she said, “It takes a week (& 7 hours a day) to complete one painting.” Now, that’s dedication!! She has displayed her paintings at Banglore (2008) and Ahmedabad (2012) exhibitions. Her work today is as perfect as in year 1997 when she completed her first painting.

We all wish to learn something like this, don’t we? Well, contact Shweta to learn this art. But hey, remember it took her more than 10 years!

To buy or learn … Shweta Agarwal on 9558806194. Email:

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