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This is what we found on the roads of Ahmedabad. An artist from Abu with his beautiful art!

Yes, many times we have surprised ourselves with such beautiful art work on the roads. We must say that not only the big classy showrooms keep beautiful art pieces. Art actually doesn’t need a classy place; it can be found and created at any corner.

So far we have shown you classy home decor stores but today we are showcasing the home decor from the street.

There is no name of this small place. But, it was definitely not common and ordinary. Just shifted to Ahmedabad from Abu, this guy gets these rocks from Jodhpur to make these beautiful statues. He also showed us how he makes and it was beautiful.

If you see photographs, you would think these statues are made from Cement but No! This is a rock. These rocks are called “Ram Patthar.” About Ram Patthar, it’s said that they never drown into the water but float on the surface. They look heavy but they are very light in weight. You definitely need to visit this place to see this beautiful art and we are sure you’ll buy at least one piece.

At a store it would cost you 7-8k but the starting range here is Rs. 500

Address:  Footpath near CEPT University Cross roads, University road, Ahmedabad

Time: 11am to 6pm

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