Chennai Express Movie Review

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Are you excited to board this train?

Well, we are not sure about you but there are a large number of people who want to watch this movie.

While we were wondering why such a huge turnout in premiere show (06:00 p.m. on Thursday) at an awkward hour of a working day, we realized that there are good number of factors that has worked for Chennai Express i.e. some people hate SRK and some love him but both the groups would want to watch this movie … it’s like those irritating repetitive Ads on radio which does not increase the love for the product but it surely registers big time in your mind, all-out entertainer image of Rohit Shetty, comedy scenes in trailer – comedy movies have the largest target audience as against action, romantic, sci-fi or drama…, and finally off late 100 crore+ movies of the director.

While we observed huge turnout, we also realized that people were quite confused with their expectations. Certain directors, movie actors definitely build huge expectations and you tend to get disappointed if those movies turn out to be not-so-awesome e.g. If its Aamir Khan it has to be awesome, if its Christopher Nolan… its gonna be , if its Robert Downey Jr. (in Iron Man) there has to be mind boggling one-liners… well Chennai Express had no certain expectations because both director and lead actors have their own ups and downs.

Enough of gyaan… where’s the review.

Well, we are sure that many of you are going to board this train irrespective of what the world writes or says about it … still, this train journey was more like…

What we liked in the movie: SRK’s looks (for a change he is not looking old in all scenes :-)), Deepika’s accent, few comedy scenes especially the one where Deepika gets up in the middle of the night & acts weird, cinematography (never knew Chennai was so beautiful ;)) and that’s it.

What we didn’t like in the movie: superbly predictable, no high points, no chemistry between lead actors, no great action sequence, and well, overall, almost 60% of the movie.

Having said this, do we recommend you to board this train? Yes. It is surely a time pass, if you forego few moments … it won’t bore you to death. You will, at many sequences, smile and at few, you will laugh as well. Take a big tub of popcorn, nachos (if you are in Cinepolis), cold drink and enjoy this weekend with Chennai Express.

Rating : 2 1/2 Shor

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