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It is amazing how food is cooked. You can alter the taste of a dish by simply changing the amount of ingredients, or increasing/decreasing the time to cook, and even the people who are cooking it. I mean, just change the masala & you’ll be munching on something entirely new, get it? I know, it may sound a bit too obvious. I mean who doesn’t know what I just said? But that’s exactly it! Sometimes, it’s not only the combination but also the unique and personal touch that makes the difference.

And here we are, CityShor- presenting to you one of the most loved treats in food history- CHOCOLATES! And in context to what I wrote above, here’s Choco Kraft crafting up a range of standard chocolates with an exclusive twist in the flavor. These saccharine jewels are a must try. Here are a few of the many assorted flavors that we drooled over:

So I’m going to start with my personal favorite, a rich PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE block. Now, this nutty sweet is absolutely gorgeous to me. However when it comes to the peanut flavor, most chocolates compromise by letting go of its subtle saltiness. However, Choco Kraft ensures that the peanut butter filling in the center is authentic to its name. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

COFFEE BEAN, this popular flavor cannot be missed. It captures the essence of the bittersweet and crisp quality of a coffee. Its delightfully grainy texture spills right out as you bite into it.

RICH CARAMEL firstly, has always played such a beautiful intertwining with chocolate. Moreover, Choco Kraft has designed this intertwining physically through its elegant marble texture. This sweet is just as rich as it looks with its sticky, sweet, and salty center filling.

Then there’s the CHOCOLATE ELEGANZE, the name is super fancy, but it completely suits just how delish this dried fruit and nuts chocolate is. This has got to be a Choco Kraft signature since it’s so simple, elegant and effortlessly melts in your mouth.

The CASHEW NUT CHOCOLATE is a beauty. Seriously, it looks gorgeous. Its crème white gives it a suave and sophisticated appeal, and its flavor consists of a velvety white milk chocolate speckled with cashew crumbs. 
You’re going to go bananas for Choco Kraft BANANA CHOCOLATE. These are their newest creation, unique splendid and an intricate summary of just how homely yet out of the world Choco Kraft is itself! Be sure to try these new delicacies.

BUBBLEGUM. That’s right, Choco Kraft has designed their very quirky, perky, and peculiar bubblegum flavored chocolates. The dark chocolate is embedded with a fluffy pink center, sure to hit your sweet tooth. 

If you’re into the bittersweet ebb and flow of the chocolate culture, make sure you try the TANGY ORANGE CHOCLATE Choco Kraft has to offer. This dark chocolate block is laced with a zesty orange flavor that is absolutely dynamic and divine. 

Only the best Chocolate Brands are daring enough to mix things up a little with an exotic fruit. Choco Kraft brings to you a COCONUT CHOCOLATE that is stuffed with sweetened rind. Go back to the beach with this tropical delight

And finally, no chocolate brand is complete and perfect without the classic and most popular Hazelnut flavor. This one is everyone’s favorite. In a nutshell (pun intended), Choco Krafts Hazelnut Chocolate brings together the mouthwatering sweetness of this dry-fruit and it’s earthy brakishness.

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