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Why shop online when a visit to a memorable menswear store can offer the sartorial experience of a lifetime?

With so many online shopping options, one rarely needs to set foot in a brick-and-mortar store these days. But the experiences that some shops offer just don’t translate on a website, making a visit essential. Being in these stores is as important as the items that are for sale, making them true destinations in and of themselves.

When it comes to clothes or shoes, I personally have this ridiculous mentality that 'badhi vastu famous brand ni hovi joiye', even if it burns a big hole in my pocket every now and then. But, no 'ordinary' store has created quite the same buzz for me when it comes to menswear as D8. It’s a perfect example of what can happen when a guy with passion for fashion trend gather together the things he thinks are the very best.

Glasses in all shapes and sizes with varying tints; Shoes, may it be artsy Loafers, casual Lace-ups or uber smart Formals in the material of your choice, from suede to leather to hand-stitched cloth. We assure you, their immense range is hard to get by even at top-notch stores; Elegant Watches as per your taste and occasion; Broaches to add that slight ting to highlight you in a monotonous grey-scaled crowd; and who can forget their vast VAST range of Clothes! Shirts, T-shirts, Shorts, Jeans, anything! You name it! They have it!

Head down to D8 to experience binge shopping with a whole new perspective. Cheers.

Address: D8, Ground Floor, Besides Lovisha, Saket Complex, Prernatirth Derasar road, Satellite, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-9898416613, +91-9998049406

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